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Just some of our Services

Computer Repairs

If your Desktop, Notebook or MAC is is need of repair Computer Age Systems can help, we have a huge workshop on site as well as trained, qualified and experienced technicians that can advise, resolve and correct any issue you may be having with your computer. Furthermore we stand by our work and all repairs are guaranteed for satisfaction.

Computer Upgrades

Remember when your computer was all shiny and new? Is it getting a bit slow? Are you working faster than your system? Chances are your system is in need up an upgrade, we can advise you on the most cost effective and efficient course of action when it comes to upgrading your desktop or notebook. From basic RAM upgrades, Graphics & Sound Upgrades right through to CPU & Complete system upgrades


With all the information available out there its hard to know which package is best for you. We recommend a "hands-on" approach. By speaking to us we can briefly find out more about your business and what it is you need. From there we can arrange demonstrations of the software either face-to-face or online for a better understanding of how it works and to illustrate the features most relevant to your business.

Web Design

If your business does not have an online presence, today should be the day you contact us to get you ahead of your competition and ensuring the strategic planning and viability of your business.

App Development

With over half of the 9 million smart phones in Australia running an Android operating system, if you’re thinking of building a business app then Android phone users are a market you can’t afford to ignore. If you’re interested in reaching as many potential customers as possible, it is essential to consider building an Android application – if not as the core product, then at least alongside your iPhone or Blackberry app.


Computer Age Systems offers high quality, affordable and security-oriented hosting services. Our clients benefit from secure servers, multiple free tools and great customer service. Computer Age Systems web hosting delivers maximum reliability and fast load times, together with the most convenient and comprehensive services and support available. Getting your website up and running reliably and quickly ought to be the least of your worries, but if you choose the wrong web hosting company it can be one of your biggest headaches.

Managed Services

Our managed IT support delivers technology solutions that will leave your onsite staff better-positioned to handle their daily workload and pursue strategic IT projects.


Chances are you have heard of VOIP but wondered what the benefits of VOIP are for your particular business. As you will discover below, VOIP is the technology of the century and can be a huge benefit in many ways.


If you have an idea or a business requirement ,our team of programmers will be able to design, program, test & implement the solution for you. We program in PHP, ASP.NET, CodeIgniter, Java, Android, IOS, VB.NET and many other popular platforms.


We have consultants who specialise in all types of projects from small business upgrades to enterprise level roll outs. We manage all aspects of the project from assessment, work break down structure, planning to deployment and risk management. Let us take the fuss out of managing your next IT project.

Computer a bit slow?

We have noticed over the past few months that the number of computers arriving through the door have an increasing case of virus infections. With this increase we would suggest that you bring your computer in for a service, just like a car; computers require servicing as well. That is why we recommend that 6 monthly services should be conducted with your PC or Notebook to ensure that there is now malware, spyware or viruses on your computer.

Have you thought, "I am sure this computer was faster when i bought it?" chances are you have either a malware or virus infection leaching onto your computer, consuming time, bandwidth and testing your patience with the ever slowing performance of your computer.

Web Design

We Design & Develop Websites & Applications

Got a business or an idea, we can develop a solution for you.

Computer / Laptop Repair

Equipped workshop and Qualified Technicians

Computer or Notebook / Tablet issue, get a technician to look at it today!

Hosted Solutions

Everything in Cloud

Hosted Servers, Hosted Exchange take your business online today

Network Administration

On Site & Remote Support

Need a Tech on site? No Problem we can come to you.

On Site Technical Support

Computer Age Systems offers a wide range of services. We have a huge showroom as well as a complete workshop with all the resources required to handle any computer related issue.

We Specialise in Computer & Notebook repairs as well as upgrades and new computer service and sales.

"Computer Age Systems took our business to the next level, we can now operate from anywhere, anytime. These guys really do know what they are doing when it comes to hosting, computer repairs, support and development. "